Leadership program in India
Leadership program in India
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Why IT entrepreneurs should attend a Leadership Program in India?


It has been observed that IT entrepreneurs lack skills when it comes to leadership. They are more of a technical, financial, and operational skills person. Why? Because these skills are taught to them, they get trained for obtaining these skills. That’s why they lack leadership skills. Nobody trains them for this skill. So what should an IT entrepreneur do?

For starters, they should read books related to leadership skills. Some of them are listed below:
1.The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People
2.Good to Great
3.Leaders Eat Last
4.How to Win Friends and Influence People
5.Start With Why
6.The Five Dysfunctions of a Team

Or there is another option to attend a workshop on Leadership.
One of the best leadership programs is held by Mr. Chetan Patel. Chetan Patel is a fun, relatable person whose structured talks have been admired as a modern-day Technology of Achievement, garnering recognition as the best in the industry. His way of talking touches and inspires everyone to take action. He has already moved 1000+ Doctors, Engineers, Students, Parents, and IT Professionals. His field of interest is to develop one’s skill by understanding people’s psychology, he has given seminars on goal setting, time management & planning. He has given services to many companies to enhance their performance by applying strategic planning. Outside his training program, people find their own possibilities in life. He has developed CCC methods meetings: Create, Core, Completion, and DDD method for daily tasks: Do, Don’t Do, Delegate.

He designed a program called LIP its full form is Leadership Integrity Program. It’s a 2-day program, in which participants learn things about the following things:
●Time & Targets
●Charisma and Transformational Leadership
●Self-evaluation – Description, Analysis, and Use
●Freedom from Anxiety
●Vision, Mission & Core value
●Consistent Leadership
●Assignments & Assisting
●Goal setting

Understanding your own behaviors, beliefs, and style of operating business in this program. We have found that the Emotional Quotient is now as important as Intelligence Quotient to run a company or business. Inside the program, I have observed my thinking pattern and started understanding the barriers in life. I have not only got my strength but also gotten access to move in life with my weaknesses.

It’s a wonderfully designed program for those who want to lead life. It works on relationships with self, time, targets, and money. You will discover the importance of time and the impact of your broken promises on people. You will start coming to the office on time and reach home on time. You will enjoy balancing your work-life which can be a struggle for some people.

It is quite impressive the way the design of the program was made. Chetan Patel’s style of coaching is simple to realize and easy to understand. He creates internal networking such that anybody can achieve targets within the period. If you have a problem achieving a target on time then LIP is for you. It’s important to surround yourself with goal-oriented people. Here they provide network access to like-minded people. It will be amazing to see the commitment of the assisting team and the follow-up sessions/calls to support one in getting the full value of the program.

You will also realize that Physical activity is very important and working out can help you a lot with life. Chetan Patel world runs different clubs to support early waking up habits, reading habits, and learning habits. He runs an early bird 5 AM club where they support waking up early. He also runs the surat bookworm club to cultivate the habit of reading. The assisting team runs nurturing series to share their knowledge with IT people around. For more detail, you can follow him on LinkedIn.

It will help you understand about Profit, Ratios, and Data Analysis after attending the FINDA session in LIP. Money management is very important especially for people who are not from a commerce background. Here they take care of finance sessions and focus on business data analysis to make us more profitable.

It will change your view towards the business but also made me a visionary leader who is now working on making a difference in the world. We will highly recommend you to join this course and also get benefited out of this program.

#You will find a paradigm shift in your relationship with Self, Time, Targets, and Money.

Grab the opportunity and register your seat in your very own program.

Register here

Imp: only CEO/Directors can participate in this program

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