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Where to go for getting vaccinated in Surat?


Building our immunity strong to fight against infectious viruses is all we have done in the journey of one year. Till we got relief from the first wave there was the arrival of a second wave down the line. Wearing masks in our daily life has become our essential need. The invention of the vaccine this new year has bought a new ray of hope in our lives. Slowly and gradually government along with private players has now started with distribution and ensuring that there is the availability of the vaccine PAN India.

Initially, it was observed that the vaccine was made available only to the age category above 60 years and now to the age group above 45 at government premises. The private sector players have yet not set any such criteria and made them available by charging a certain cost. Now it’s time to get yourself vaccinated and enjoy a Corona-free life.

Precautionary Measure

With the availability of vaccines in surat and all other places have made us tension relief but there is still a need to take care whether the vaccine which you are getting, or visiting the place to get vaccinated is safe or not? Is it approved by the authorized government officials, are they charging you the fair price or not, Is your body safe to get vaccinated. It is highly recommended to get you and your loved ones vaccinated only at one of the center lists uploaded up by government officials on official websites. The government also has provided a list of places that whether centers are free or paid ones.

Now it’s time to get yourself vaccinated and enjoy a Corona-free life. Please refer to the list given below:
1. Free government centers
2. Free private centers
3. Paid private sector

Surat Initiators to vaccinate their employees

Mr. Sanjay Saravagi
The initiative has been taken by the Surat-based entrepreneur to provide their employees with the facility of free vaccines for one week. Famous textile industrialist of Surat city, Sanjay Saravagi has started with getting his 6000 employees vaccinated. If they prefer not to get vaccinated they will have to compulsory take the RCPR test after every 3 days.

Shree Ramkrishna Exports Pvt. Ltd. (SRK)
The initiative was taken by the export industry by joining hands with the SMC. Has successfully vaccinated 630+ personnel in the 45+ plus age group. He believes that giving priority to the health and well-being of our people will be giving him the benefit of achieving the goal on time.

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