Vinyasa Kinesics Workshop- A body movement and Charcoal art by Peeple Community


Tanushri Kansal and Radhika Tulsian of Peeple Community always tries to surprise everyone by bringing the unique concept to the town where not only adults can take advantage of it but also kids can explore various areas according to their taste of interest. Well, this time the workshop was for kids of age between 7 to 15 years.

On 14th October 2018 Sunday became fun day for kids at Peeple Community as the very talented Heta Patel, an Architect from Surat, who completed her Bachelor in Architecture from SCET, Surat and did her Master in Landscape Architecture from London, UK, is presently teaching at the Architecture Department GCPIAIF of Veer Narmad South Gujarat University, Surat.

She is the founder of VINYASA and started in July 2017. VINYASA contributes in promotion and development of drawing technique based Kinesics with body movements regarded as a form of non-verbal communication. Kinesics communication is communicating by body movement and is perhaps the most well-known non-verbal form of communication, although it is not the only way to talk with others without words such as gestures and facial expressions.


All the children gathered up on a Sunday morning at 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM and all dressed up in black as it was a dress code, very excited and curious about the workshop to learn and know the techniques of drawing which they never heard before. Initially, Heta Patel interacted with the kids to boost their excitement then provided them a drawing sheet which was small in size, one pencil, and no eraser. She instructed them that in the first sheet they have to draw anything of their imagination using one hand only. They were supposed to complete their task within 15 minutes so that whatever is going at the back of their mind will come upon the piece of paper. After 15 minutes, she appreciated everybody’s efforts as kids present there were talented and creative in their drawing skills.

Now, another sheet was provided to them with two pencils and they had to use their both the hands to create art of their choice. Some kids were comfortable doing it and some were not as there were two-three reasons behind it. One can be it takes a lot of your energy as they were doing it with pencil and could make them tired early. A second reason is whichever art you choose to make it will create a drawing called free-hand and both hands will definitely go only in the same direction.

After that to build up their confidence as what they have made is fantastic so why can’t everybody now try to draw their first sheet drawing with both the hands. Isn’t it fun? Everybody got engrossed in creating his or her piece of art and Heta Patel went individually to every child and help them out if facing difficulty, make them learn by explaining so that he or she remembers the tricks and tips for next drawing.


Then, after all the happy faces smiling and giggling they were told to make different shapes like triangle, circle, square, etc. Till now everyone became an expert and enhanced his or her drawing skills with this Workshop which will help them in their schools as well. After that, they were told to scribble with the two hands and fill up the whole sheet from all the corners so that they could realize that if we don’t have anything specific to draw in mind and just have to scribble it then we are not tired also and in fact, we enjoy doing it randomly.

So, its time for water-break so they made new friends, running here and there such an innocent childhood life. It was complete bliss to watch them enjoying like a free bird. Heta Patel then informed to make a circle and seat in a group where she sat with them and asked them about how they were feeling? What did you experience while drawing with one pencil then with two and scribble part? One by one everybody answered and quite expressed their opinions which were very naturally felt by them. Now, she explained all the differences that when you use two pencils to draw your arms, your whole body puts in efforts and so you have to stretch while in scribble you are just randomly filling spaces so you enjoy doing it.

Then she sat in between on the bigger sheet and took charcoal chalks in both her hands. She practically gave them the demo and explained how using body movements and charcoal we could create the beautiful masterpiece. Then she started to draw with both her hands which appeared like a symmetrical design which is nothing but the mirror image with same size and shape but in opposite direction. By changing the direction of the sheet she created another design in a similar manner. After that, she sat on the middle of the sheet and started to draw from around her area likewise she kept on changing directions and kept making drawings. The shift could be near about 90 degrees of angle. Even she slept on the sheet and created a beautiful design of patterns by stretching her arms back and forward. All the kids became silent and kept watching her doing the amazing art which was truly brilliant.

With this shown practically, they were told to take their seats and were given individual bigger sheets with two charcoals to now bring out their imagination on the paper. It was not necessary that they have to follow what Heta Patel did but something out of the box to develop and create their own ability to imagine and think. So, everybody started their job and was all charcoal all over on their hands, face, legs and that shows how involved they were in that activity.

So, it’s time to make your tummy happy with yummy flavored milk and cream biscuits which are loved by every kid. When they were done the last sheet was provided where they have to spread or sleep on the sheet by stretching their arms make a drawing which is symmetrical and using both the hands. The last outcome as compared to the beginning one was much beyond expectation as they have developed and created from within which is what VINYASA is all about.

Sketching with charcoal is a lot of fun because it’s so freeing to make big, sweeping movements across your paper whilst getting messy. Lastly, by holding their best of the masterpiece in hand every child was photographed with their smiling faces. With Peeple Community they had a group photo of children and Heta Patel which was an end of the session. All the children went happily to their home by holding their art in their hand with which they will create more such drawings.

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