Noble Initiative to Save Nature: Bring back the chirping sound of Sparrow


Sparrow is the most lovable, small, and harmless bird. Right from childhood, sparrows have fascinated us immensely as they were all over, in and around us with it’s chirpy sound. We had sparrows nesting everywhere in our home and in those days no one even minded them nesting inside the home. 20th March is even celebrated as the World Sparrow Day every year.

In the last few decades, the population of sparrows has been declined. We could not even spot them around us nowadays. We as a human being it’s our moral responsibility to save our nature and make our surrounding’s healthy not only for us but also for birds and animals.

We should initiate from our end otherwise days are not far when we will have to see sparrows in the book or on the internet. A lot of NGOs and individuals have volunteered to the cause of the common, currently facing a major threat from human developmental activities. If you are one who liked the chattering sound of the sparrows in your childhood, then it’s your time to pay for the opera you enjoyed.

Every bird, animal or plant has its own significance. Sparrow plays a vital role in many activities like-

  • Ecological Balance
  • Pollination in many plants
  • Reduce many diseases

If sparrows are not there, the population of birds of prey may also be affected. Apart from this, every constituent of an ecosystem is important from an ant to an elephant. We are eliminating species by species which are important links which make the web of life.

Reasons for declining of Sparrow are-

  • Loss of habitat
  • Lack of food
  • Electro Magnetic Radiation
  • Pollution
  • Loss of tree
  • Use of pesticides in modern agriculture
  • Change in the pattern of the buildings being made
  • Gardens missing from the houses

People can come forward and take an initiative towards a little bit in saving tiny, beautiful creature so that it’s chirpy sound could be heard all around us. It’s not necessary we do bigger things but through small effort, we can save sparrow and nature.

Few Ways to save sparrow can be-

  • An arrangement should be made for the availability of food grains and water for sparrows.
  • Try to minimize pollution as much as possible from our end.
  • Wisely use insecticides and pesticides.
  • As the habitat and food is shrinking, so are the numbers of house sparrows.

   The new buildings and landscaped gardens which are being constructed are not at all sparrow friendly. The modern glass-clad matchbox shape buildings do not have cavities which are important for sparrows to make nests. Hence, we want people to take part in the creation of alternative habitats for house sparrows by adopting nest boxes and bird feeders.

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