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As everyone knows that Peeple community organizes various types of events and on 10th October 2018 was the workshop on Kitchen Gardening by Jaimin Vaishya from Treezwale Technologies with the practical session. The curator of Peeple Community is Tanushri Shukla and Radhika Tulsian who has the vision to organize wide-range of workshops where people can get maximum information on every desired topic and truly sets an example by handling everything independently. In this particular workshop the points that were discussed are:

  1. Types of herbs which we can grow in our region.
  2. Types of Pots or containers.
  3. Filling mixture
  4. Technical reasons behind kitchen garden
  5. Planting Method
  6. Pest Control
  7. Cultivation

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Who doesn’t love to plant and grow greenery indoor or outdoor? Sometimes even though you are passionate about gardening or have a hobby of it you face several problems related to fertilizers, seeds, amount of water, etc. So, here is the solution of all your queries as Peeple Community believes in inspiring others so they have brought solution by inviting an expert in this field. It was one of the most informative and knowledge sharing workshop on Kitchen gardening by one of the dynamic personality named Jaimin Vaishya.

He is an owner at Treez Wale. He started the workshop with a very nice statement that in today’s 21st century 97% of the area has no greenery and only 3% of the area is jungle where if we plan to grow plants over-there still due to some of the other reason infrastructure will be developed. So, why not have our own farm or garden area where we plant, grow, and nurture. After that, he asked the question to the people attending this workshop that where you grow the plant? Which plant have you grown? And questions like this. I must say that people were very attentive and keen to know about various things related to gardening.

Jaimin Vaishya took on a ride of gardening presentation which had to the points to talk about. He completely believes that once you know the basics of gardening then only you can think about other seasonal or technical planting theories. So, he wanted everyone in this session to master the art of beginners planting especially with herbs. As herbs are the easiest to plant and so with its knowledge you can further try your hands on flowers, fruits, and vegetables. So, coriander, curry leaves, chili pepper, Ajwain, thyme, Cabbage, Broccoli, Rosemary, basil and stevia. Stevia is a substitute for sugar and more than two leaves are more than enough. He not only gave these examples but also gave a proper guidance on what Indian climatic conditions this herbs are favorable and about its fertilizers. It became one of the most interactive session after this point as many doubts and questions were raised and Jaimin answered it in every possible way and provided solutions on the spot.

After some theory part, it’s time to do it practically so all the arrangements were done by Peeple Community and Jaimin who provided an individual plant of Basil and Stevia to everyone present there. Along with that fertilizer which he has prepared by himself, pots and containers, etc. It was fun to do it yourself! He also gave tips on making your own mixture with charcoal, brick, sand, egg shells, etc. which was definitely interesting to know something very unique.

Once the herb I decided that which one is supposed to be planted then comes the container. The container or pot whichever you use should have holes in the bottom so that when you water excess water comes out and still the moisture contained is enough for your plant. It will also get proper aeration that will result in the healthy plant. It should be selected in terms of the plant size, initially one could take a small pot and once it grows you could shift that to the bigger container. A thin covering and a hard surface container are more preferable.

Now after herbs, container its important to give your plant a perfect location. Location needs to be an ideal place as it is all about focusing on sunlight. According to him, find out the east wall and south wall for your plant to locate them to this two directions so that they receive the right amount of sunlight. The way sunlight is important, watering is another step. To water, the plant one needs to be very careful. Jaimin cleared so many myths about watering as it is considered too much water is better for any plant but it also has a proper method which needs to be considered. The rain shower is the best available options one can use. Always water to the plant from the sides of the plant and not on the plant.

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Few tips which he gave during this workshop are:

  1. One can use vermicompost every 40 days so that plant grows properly and no fungus or bacteria can be formed.
  2. One can also simply take buttermilk and add it to the plant every 40 days and mix the mixture slowly upside down.
  3. When you water the plant and if some droplets are formed on the leaves then with the use of the spray bottle just remove it or put it in the sunlight. But it is the must that you dry it completely.
  4. The best time for watering any plant is before 10:00 AM and after 4:00 PM. According to science, after 4:00 PM is more preferable as the whole night it gets time to gather proper moisture and the next day the right amount of sunlight falls so it grows faster and healthy.
  5. Once a week add more water to your plant and drain all water out due to this if anything is going wrong in the bottom layers then it will get balanced and again start processing to its best.
  6. There are three types of soil black, yellow and red. Amongst them, red is the best soil one can have.

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Then comes the Pruning part. It is an art, particularly when talking about plants. He showed and gave tactics about pruning in a perfect manner. He advised to always cut it in a cross direction so that when water falls on it plant will get a boost to grow from there and in straight it will take time as it is gone from the roots directly so no leaves will come how much you water every day. So, after that presentation and practical application was over and one to one question round started with what problems they faced for planting various plants.

Remember this chain: Herbs-Container-Location-Fertilizer-Watering Method-Pruning

This workshop ended to an informative notice and people got so much excited and enthusiasts that they only initiated to have furthermore workshops now with advanced planting for flowers and fruits. They will also create a Whats-app group where on the spot they could get solutions from Jaimin Vaishya. A group photo is a must when you meet new people, learn and grow just like the plant to take a sweet memory with you back home. Everybody was given their plant to grow with the tips and tricks of this workshop. So live healthily and keep inspiring with Peeple.

peeple community

Make your Kitchen look beautiful by creating a mini garden with an expert knowledge from the workshop.

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