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Inspiring Surat-First Smart City of The Country


Surat has emerged as India’s highest ranked smart city with the largest number of projects implemented and completed under the Smart City Mission. Surat’s Textile and Diamond trading hub have stolen a march over other contenders including some state capitals in the official rankings that have been compiled about two years after the Narendra Modi government announced the first 20 cities to be developed as Smart cities. Surat is also known as the land of businessmen. Many great businessmen and businesses have emerged from this place.  Surat is expected to take one more level up not only to benefit the city but also to the “Smart City-Transform Mission” so that example can be set for other cities to come forward and make whole India smart by utilizing resources to the fullest.


World’s largest Diamond Cutting & Polishing Place is done none other city but only in Surat. Surat hold’s 90% of the world’s total rough diamond cutting and polishing. It holds 99.99% of the nation’s total rough diamond cutting and polishing and an amazing 90% of the nation’s total diamond exports. 30-40% of the income of Airports like Mumbai and Ahmedabad comes from the export of diamond.


Surat also is known for producing textiles, especially Silk. It is the largest manufacturing hub of man-made fabrics in the country. It has more than 300 dyeing and printing mills and the turnover annually is 5 billion rupees. That’s why people from all around the country come and shop fabrics from Surat. Most of the fabrics and materials we get in other cities come from Surat Wholesalers.


Under the mission of Narendra, Modi mission to take forward nation economically and digitally so Surat is ahead in digitalizing as well. Surat government has started taking small steps towards the digital world by upgrading infrastructure and digital empowerment of citizen. During Narendra Modi was welcomed to Surat for inauguration function at that time by performing road shows and laser lights were transformed to digitalize Surat.


Surat has an average literacy rate of 89%, higher than the national average of 79.5%: male literacy is 93%, and female literacy is 84%. (Wikipedia). Education in Surat is not as dull too. It is ahead in all the sectors they can cover.


Surat food is also world famous. Lahari food of Surat is also widely popular among other cities. Its ancient mouth-watering delicacies are today in 21st century as well are equally acceptable all over India like ghari,bhusu,khichyu, Surti -locho,undhiyu, dumas bhajiya, etc.


Surat has installed 43 underground garbage bins. This initiative was a part of the smart city mission by which it will help in reducing garbage spillage and foul smell to save the land space from the unwanted bacteria or germs. Each bin can hold up to 150kgs of weight. These bins come with fitted sensors that will alert the control room once the bin is 70% full. Bins have two sections, one for the individual waste and other for the municipal carts. This makes the Surat as one of the clean city.


Surat is first in the list with the highest 98 bridges with a bridge in every 2.88 km.
Our flyovers have changed the face of urban India and paved the way to progress. They have enhanced the network of roads that criss-cross the city.


The Airport will now be set for Limited International operations by April, 2018 instead of earlier anticipated date of November, 2017.Given that the Cargo Terminal work has been awarded and expected to be completed by late 2018. Hopefully with Extended Passenger Terminal being added in the next two years, Surat Airport seems to be taking to wings over the seven seas and should be all set to achieve a full-fledged International Status by year 2019 with a capacity to handle more than a Million passengers yearly and a ranking among top 30 busy Airports in India.


The Diamond Research and Mercantile (Dream City) project is Expected to place Surat in the league of India’s Metro cities in terms of GDP. Surat which is ranked ninth at present in terms of GDP in India is expected to jump five places and be only behind Mumbai, Delhi, and Kolkata by 2020.

ABD: Covers 8.77 area out of 326.52 2. 7 TP Schemes.
PAN CITY: For the whole city 2. Focuses on Transport – Mobility -Connectivity


    1. Green Energy Generation-Efforts by SMC
    2. Solar Power Generation
    3. Smart Street Lightning and Monitoring System
    4. Water supply conservation, recharge
    5. Sewage recycle and reuse
    6. Renewable energy
    7. IT Systems


  1. Surat Smart City Proposal – Convergence
  2. PAN City-Integrated Command and Control Center
  3. Open data open Surat
  4. Smart mobility
  5. An intelligent transit management system
  6. Automatic fare collection system


    1. Surat is the richest city in India ahead of Bangalore and Madras having highest per capita income in the country. The homes of Surat have been declared most prosperous by National Council of Applied Economic Research (NCAER) and Future Capital Research’s Roopa Purushothaman in their latest study. The average income of a household in the city 450,000 per year.
    2. It’s a fact that Surat is a diamond city and it makes billion-dollar business. World’s 95% of rough diamonds are cut and polished here. Surat’s business trade contributes to 90% of the total national export of diamonds. The business never stops!
    3. British East India company set its first footsteps in Surat in the year 1818. That’s legendary!
    4. Surat has been ranked as the third cleanest city in India. In the past few years, it has always been in the top five cleanest cities in India.
    5. It’s ranked as the 4th fastest growing cities in the whole wide world! That’s right, in the entire world!.
    6. Believe it or not, Surat was the first Indian city to install CCTV cameras on roads to monitor the traffic movements and also increase security. There are multiple cameras on each and every road!
    7. Surat has an industrial belt on the coast of the Arabian Sea called as Hazira. Hazira houses heavy engineering companies like ESSAR, ADANI, RELIANCE, ONGC, SHELL, L&T, KRIBHCO, GAIL, NTPC, GSPC, ABG SHIPYARD and many others.
    8. Surat latest registered GDP growth is 11.5%. It’s highest in India!
    9. Surat has been awarded the best city award in the year 2013 by Annual Survey Of Indian City System(ASICS)
    10. The Surat Municipal Corporation (S.M.C) is the nation’s richest municipal corporation. Awesome!
    11. Surat has the maximum number of bridges in India. Along with the name ‘Diamond city’, Surat’s also knows as the city of flyovers!
    12. Surat has the highest per capita income in the country. The average income of a household in the city 450,000 per year.
    13. There are dishes that you’ll only get in Surat such as Locho, Ghaari, Bhusu, and Undhiyu etc. They’re absolutely mouth-watering and you need to visit Surat especially for it and it’s absolutely worth it!
    14. It’s surprising to see the name of city Surat mentioned in the book of Mahabharata where Lord Krishna made a halt on his way to Mathura to Dwarka.
    15. The Surat Railway station is also awarded as the cleanest railway station in 2016 and a major upgrade is underway to develop it so that it could match the international standards.

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