How to keep Track on How much time you spent on Facebook and Instagram?

  • Facebook launched a new tool where you can see how much time you spend inside the iPhone or Andriod app.
  • With the help of this tool, you can also set time according to your desired hours.
  • If you spent more than allotted time in the app you can also get an alert or notification.

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It’s handy, especially if you’re worried about spending too much time looking at your phone.

Until now Google and Apple have launched such tools before. But if you don’t have iPhone or one of Google’s Pixel phone you could not use that tool. Apple’s tool is called Screen Time. Whereas Google’s is called Digital Wellbeing and is available on its Pixel phones.
Facebook by launching this tool has made life easier for any phone user just by providing in the app itself.

This How The Facebook tool Works:

  • Go to your facebook app on the phone
  • Tap the menu button on the bottom right corner
  • Go to Settings and Privacy menu
  •  There you will find “Your Time On Facebook”

how much time do people spend on facebookIt shows that you have only spent an average of 14 minutes on Facebook per day, which is quite good. You have spent less on Facebook today.

You can also choose the “Set a Daily Reminder” option, which is on that screen and sends you an alert once you’ve used Facebook more than the time limit you set.

There, you’ll get a visual chart of the week, with your utilization time shown by hours and minutes of the day, and the normal measure of time you put in every day.

This How Instagram Tool Works:

  • Go to Your Account
  • Go to Settings
  • Your Activity, and you’ll see the proportional time setting option

Try it, and you might be surprised how long you spend on Facebook.

After seeing your time spend on Facebook you yourself will be surprised. So, try the new tool!

Sources: How to keep Track on How much time you spent on Facebook and Instagram?

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