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Entrepreneurship serves as a catalyst for economic development of the country. It is one of the largest sections for capital accumulation. In fact, economic growth is the result of the efforts taken by the entrepreneurs. Similarly, entrepreneurs can dictate the economic growth by their actions and decisions. Now many have begun to realize that for achieving the goal of economic development, it is necessary to provide a platform for entrepreneurship both qualitatively and quantitatively in the country.

smart mamaz

Empowering women to participate fully in economic growth across all sectors is essential to building the not only stronger economy of the country but also provide them the platform to boost their inner confidence to stand on their own feet and face the world without any fear. Each and every women somewhere at the back of their mind has desires to fulfill their dreams but very few could get wings to their dreams and get success in achieving it. Among those who are illiterate then they think they have no option but to get married and handle all the responsibilities of the family. Few women’s who are educated still after marriage or after the birth of the child their career stops as they have to look after family and children. Here, their career does not get a full stop but the country is going backward. So, when such things are taking place in the country then somebody needs to take initiative to empower and grow women in the best possible way, therefore, their dreams can be achieved at any age and responsibilities can also be well-managed.

Rupal .M. Shah founder and passionate entrepreneur of “Smart Mamaz” established this online community for mother and children in the year 2015. The aim of this community is “By Woman To Woman”.


A short story about Rupal .M. Shah

She is an active and enthusiastic person. The idea behind “Smart Mamaz” was cooked up in 2011, as a mother of one 2-year-old girl child. Being born as women is a blessing. The woman plays a leading role in family development. She wished there could be something for women that she could take the stress out by meeting other women based on women empowerment.


Because in every stage, all women face some challenges & difficulties and seek support in life.

She strongly Believes

“Most important stage of women is to be “SMART”, society looks her to be the all-rounder, Proactive, Multitasking, Flexible and “WHAT NOT” expectations family & society has from women. Finally, she has to be “HAPPY” and “SATISFIED” while fulfilling everything for others. So until and unless a woman is not happy and smart in this SMART – Flexible with Digital 21st century then how she will contribute her 70 % to create the “Happy Family”. Yes! 70% Contribution and not 100%. Because rest 30 % she has to give for her own self with “Self -Development”. Thus, we don’t guarantee anything extreme but support her to overcome many situations in life”

Well! Communities and mothers group are rapidly forming all over the world. Then why not in India? Why not in Surat? As Surat is one of the Smart City, and why not Smart Mamaz in the Smart City Surat. Smart Mamaz is the perfect platform as you can avail many benefits of being a member of this community. It is an opportunity where you take advantage of the platform of Smart Mamaz and develop the economic growth of the country as well.

A platform where they can share their experiences, concerns and find solutions for their day to day problems. The idea behind Smart Mamaz is “Mothers Offering Mothers Support”.She has completed her Bachelor’s in Commerce. After graduation, she decided to pursue with a distance education MBA programme from Honolulu University, USA. After having four years of work experience with an even management company she decided to set up an organization for Indian mothers. We hoped to build a community of new age mothers by addressing all such needs in a free and an accessible way.

women empower community

She herself faced all the issues after marriage and she was also advised to take a break from her career but she only listened to her inner conscious and kept working as an entrepreneur to reach the desired goal. Today she stands strong with the number of 50+ Women Entrepreneurs, 100+ Meetings and 25000+ Community strength with Smart Mamaz -Women Network- Online Community.

The vision of this organization is to meet, speak, learn, explore, exchange and collaborate. They also have yearly programs like Business Networking Meets, Training by experts, Yearly family picnics and various contest and questions. This Organization operates in three areas: For Women, For Organization and For Kids. Women they have Monthly Coffee Meets in which small groups of women meet every month regularly on the fourth Saturday from 4-6PM. Events are conducted for them to celebrate various days so that they can come out of their comfort zone and share their ideas on women empowerment to grow with Smart Mamaz.


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