GovindBhai Dholakia: Most Dynamic and Charismatic Diamond Enterpreneur



Govindbhai Dholakia is the founder of Shree Ramkrishna Export who is a leading entrepreneur and a determined achiever. Govindbhai Dholakia is not an only successful entrepreneur but also with his determination and hard work is one of the precious diamond himself as precisely cut as the diamonds produced at Shree Ramkrishna Export. There are leaders who talk, leaders who explain and then there are leaders like him that inspire. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out which type stands apart. In Govindbhai’s life, the most important attribute a leader can possess is the ability to be a learner forever and never let over-confidence or ego come to his head.


The chairman of Shree Ramkrishna Exports has set some principles which he follows and believes and in his leadership the more emphasis is on deeds more than words. He is quiet resolve and stellar achiever. The virtues are old, tested and so are some of Govindbhai’s philosophies as he puts in immaculate Gujarati “Chalse (will do), Phavse (I can), Gamse (I like) ne (and) Bhavse (I adore) are the most important four words in his life which make him what he is today. As the words suggest, there is no space for negativity in his life.”


Govindbhai Dholakia was born on November 7, 1947, when India had just regained its freedom. Born in free India but in a remote village of Dudhala in Gujarat, Govindbhai’s family was employed in agriculture. The times were not so well for the Dholakia family and young Govindbhai knew at the tender age that he had to do something else, something bigger but little did he know that his childhood dream would make him one of the biggest diamond industrialists of modern India. Govindbhai was just in the seventh grade when he left his education in Dudhala and followed his eldest brother Late Bhimjibhai to Surat. Following his footsteps, Govindbhai started working as a diamond-polishing worker in the year of 1964. After almost a year of training, he earned his first big salary of Rs 103. The amount of rupees 103 was extremely big for him at that time. After he received such a huge amount, his faith in the diamond market grew and for many years now he considers Diamond as his God.


The entrepreneur in young Govindbhai was awakened as he spent hours with diamonds and just four years later of working as a diamond polishing worker, he took the risk and started with his own diamond factory in partnership with his friends Bhagwanbhai Patel and Virjibhai Godhani on March 12, 1970. After learning the tricks and ethics of running a diamond business, his first import-export operation christened as Shree Ramkrishna Export started in 1977. Today, Shree Ramkrishna Export is a name to reckon with and has worldwide operations. It started as a dream in form of a small factory which is now a reality an inspiration to all in the jewelry industry. Navinchandra’s Shantibhai and Navin Kaka were his biggest support and Navin Kaka was the one who took him on his first trip to Antwerp that opened new opportunities for him.


After 35 years of non-stop hard work and persistence acquired success one would expect Govindbhai Dholakia to be tired and on his way to retirement but the reality is exactly the opposite. He is still as jovial, hardworking and passionate to scale new heights as he was in 1964 when he moved to Surat with big dreams and two pairs of clothes. Positivity and strong willpower is the key for him. He does not have space for negative feelings such as tiredness or fatigue. If you have the capability of time management then you can achieve everything you desire. From 7 am to 10 am he has his ‘me time’ where he exercises, play sports or go swimming. Around 10 am to 12 pm he is at the social service center where he spends time with people who need his help. From 12 pm to 7 pm he is at the office where it’s strictly business and from 7 pm to 11 pm is only for his family. With such a balanced schedule one’s mind is bound to be fresh and eager for the next day.


After the death of his close friend and partner Virji Godhani, Govindbhai started a school in his name. He has also started many more schools and colleges with world-class facilities. He has a medical center where top doctors come for a weekly visit. Philanthropy and social work give him internal happiness.


His hobbies are reading biographies and he has read almost 40 biographies in his life. His favorite biographies among them are MK Gandhi, Abdul Kalam, and Abraham Lincoln. He also loves to read some spiritual and religious books. He sometimes listens to old Bollywood music as well as enjoy watching Gujarati drama.


His biggest inspiration in life comes from Shree Dongreji Maharaj. He has been following him since he was 15 years old. Dongreji Maharaj has played an important role in shaping him. He has instilled in me such great values that have not only helped me in his personal life but also in his business. The most important principle that he has taught me is that there is no need for lies, cheating and unethical means to be successful. If you are true and treat your business with ethics then success will come to you no matter what and will stay with you forever. Diamond business is one of the only businesses in the world that runs on blind trust. Transactions worth millions take place only based on faith, trust and if you maintain that trust, you can never go wrong.


His family is his greatest support and strength. His wife Champaben Govindbhai Dholakia is his ultimate support system. She is uneducated and knows nothing about his business but she has supported him in every decision of his life. Today, she is the richest woman in Surat when it comes to white money and it makes me very happy and proud. In 42 years of his marriage, they have never ever fought and they still feel the same way about each other as we used to when they were young. His daughters Minaxi and Sweta are married and his son, who is 25 years old, is now looking after Mumbai operations. He is very bright and he can see him taking over the reins of our business successfully in the coming years. That is not his entire family as there is a total number of 70 cousins and their children are very close to him. All 70 of them are very well settled in life with their own business. Seeing his entire family so well settled is his biggest achievement in life.

His favorite food is home-cooked Gujarati food, which his wife cooks for him, the simpler the better. As he also doesn’t mind the pasta and pizzas either. When he goes out on holidays he loves to try out different cuisines. Holidaying is very important to him. He goes out twice with his family and twice with our staff every year. He prefers greenery and scenery places for holidays, where he loves to be with nature’s company.


Govindbhai has no rumor about himself and there are very few business entrepreneurs who have this amicable character trait but this is how Govindbhai is when he is a millionaire and this is how he was even when he was a farmer. Till a few years back he used to wonder himself that how did he achieve this success? As he has no educational degrees, had no forefathers in this business and have no extraordinary brains or looks. Then he came across a book about most famous millionaires in the world. Most of the millionaire featured in the book thought that there are certain qualities that a person needs to possess in order to be successful. He realized that many of those qualities were innate in me. Most important quality is that one must value every person and respect them.


He always suggests the younger generation in the diamond business to understand the importance of this quality. He also tells the young generation that they should love the diamond with the bottom of their heart. The younger generation should keep their confidence, aggression in check because overconfidence and extreme aggression can ruin a business. Spend time with good people, imbibe their good qualities and stay away from any type of addiction.

Govindbhai Dholakia has so many interesting chapters in his life because words fall short to describe them. He is such a positive soul that he still continues to be positive and full of energy to learn new things which we all should implement in our lives and make your dreams come true just like Govindbhai Dholakia.

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