Coronavirus – A Vacation for Entire World


We are all aware about the new and deadly virus that appeared in Wuhan, China in December of 2019 is everywhere. The virus is now called severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) and the disease it causes is called COVID-19.

Where should you turn for the latest information on a rapidly changing situation? It’s hard to beat the convenience of the internet, and we know there’s a lot of useful and reliable information online. But there’s also a lot of misinformation. The trick is to figure out which sources should be trusted and which not.

Where do you get your news about coronavirus?
WhatsApp has become that source of information where you get all sorts of information, people just type and forward. We have to make sure that we only forward authenticated information not the ones which off track the WhatsApp users.

Even If you are looking for awareness in your circle, look for authenticated sources for COVID-19.

Don’t Believe in Myths
Hand Sanitizers completely kills the Virus:
Hand sanitizers are only for those times when you are not in reach of water. Washing your hands regularly will keep you out of the virus because the main source of transmission is hand.

Heat/High Temperature will kill the virus
Only Social Distancing can kill the virus. Until and unless we are home, we are protecting ourselves, our family and our country.

Packages from china carries coronavirus
The virus does not sustain on a package more than four hours, so it is not true that we cannot accept packages from china

Coronavirus can spread through animals
There is no single case found in the animals causing them COVID-19.
So, ignore these MythBusters and start searching for authenticated sources

Ignoring Social Distancing in several countries has made an impact in the form of COVID-19 Outbreak.
Being a responsible citizen of a country, we should know our duties towards the nation by following the protocols imposed by our governing bodies.
And as of now, the only thing which can save us from this pandemic is Social Distancing.

Stay Home and Binge into Digital World
Social Distancing is not an easy task for many of us, but there is no other option. We have plenty of digital sources where we can either stay updated with news, websites, new skills or binge watch series, movies, social media.

But we just need to stay home and enjoy where the whole world is taking pause and going inside the home and within. Let’s utilize this opportunity and the vacation. This is the time where we can simplify everything which has messed up in the years, let’s take time for us our loved ones and fight corona together and support our PM in complete lockdown.

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