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Blissfull kitchens with inox and Kessebohmer


The kitchen is one of the most, if not the most, crucial space in an Indian house. This can definitely be attributed to our love for food. India takes pride in its exceptionally wide range of cuisines. From it’s overabundant range of spicy foods to mouth-watering sweets, India has everything for every kind of taste buds. May this is why Indians give so much emphasis to the kitchen in the house. An Indian kitchen is technically the land of karma in an Indian house. This story of importance to kitchen dates way back to the time when India was ruled by Kings. The king’s palace used to have gigantic kitchens with all the fancy amenities available, a tiny resemblance of which can be seen in modern day’s royal kitchen designs. One of the prime characteristics of an Indian cuisine is that it usually takes time, as a result, an Indian cook spends a lot more time in the kitchen. This makes a kitchen with good design and feels mandatory in India. Also, Indians are very much wary of ambiance, and this habit amplifies when it comes to the kitchen. We always look for the best furnishing and the best accessories. Even the tiniest of the details are not to be missed. And why not, a well designed and well-organized kitchen is a bliss for any house.

kitchen modularInox decor is the forerunners when it comes to designing kitchens in India. Established in the year 2000, Inox is widely acknowledged as the first global Kitchen Accessories brand of Indian origin. And over the years, Inox have built their reputation for incomparable quality kitchen products all across the continent. Being a native Indian Company, Inox understands an Indian’s knack for a beautiful kitchen. As a result, they have always increased their domain of interesting and innovative designs. Their expanding network of dealer and distributors and the excellence in their services are indicative of their dedication towards building best quality products. Their wide range of products include the most innovative and stylish corner units, like Satin Silent Magic Corner Unit, S – Carousal Corner Unit, Magic Corner Double Pull out and many more interesting designs. Tall units like Blanco mini tall unit, glory shelf unit, Soho unit, etc come with different numbers of baskets and beautiful designs. When it comes to kitchen baskets, Inox provides some of the most beautiful designs in Satin Silent pull out drawer, Innova cup and saucer basket, Inoplus soft close runners and a lot more. The pull out organizers, overhead organizers and cutlery organizers are flawless enough to envy the competitors in the market. The railings systems provided by Inox are so beautifully crafted and designed, that they will give a unique touch to your kitchen. Other products offered by Inox include quality architectural fittings, elegant elite drawer and sliding systems, rolling shutters and so on. The quality of the products provided by Inox is unparalleled. They ensure that quality is monitored throughout the production process. They also conduct rigorous tests to ensure that their products are strong, corrosion resistant, hygienic, with a great finish and shine.

modular kitchen designs
Kessebohmer is an organization, widely reputed for their work in kitchen accessories in the global market. Their attention is on the symbiosis of fine design, intelligent, mature technology, and a wealth of opportunities for individual, customized use of colors and materials. Still owned and managed by the current generation of it’s founding family, Kessebohmer has a rich history in the field of kitchen accessories dating 60 years back. And much to the delight of Indian Audience, Kessebohmer are entering the Indian Market, to bring forth new revolutionary designs in the Indian kitchen accessories. Their core competency lies in metal processing, and their products are finished in their in-house electroplating and powder-coating facilities. Thanks to their strong customer orientation, Kessebohmer is a global leader in the supply of functional fittings for kitchens. They put great emphasis on the science behind the design of their products, and as a result, their products are easy to handle and streamline the work process. Their products undergo a thorough quality assurance and quality control process. They believe that quality assurance is a daily commitment. The range of products offered by Kessebohmer include Tall Cabinets, Base Cabinets, Corner Cabinets, Lift Up Systems, Tables, and Midway units. All the products have a marvelous touch and feel to them.
Inox kitchen and Kessebohmer kitchen, are bringing new ideas and innovation to beautify your kitchen. These two organizations, with USP’s of their own, are changing the way we decorate our kitchens. With unprecedented innovation and flawless quality, these two organizations have certainly given us many more options to create the wow factor in our kitchens.

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