Neeil Chaurushi is the visionary of this newly designed Fitness studio to make people fit. He is the young Founder and CEO of ATHLECROSS Fitness & Wellness LLP. He aims to give a quality blend of professionalism and sportsman spirit who has achieved 17 state-level medals in Gymnastics, and a Jaydeepsinhji Award from Gujarat government. Pooja Chaurushi and Niraj Viraddiya has also joined hands as the Co-Founders for this new fitness concept.

⦁ ATHLECROSS has designed a highly effective group training routine, guided by young, enthusiastic and motivating trainers in an energetic and refreshing environment that runs for just one hour.
⦁ Results from activity at ATHLECROSS are measurable and are recorded periodically for each member.
⦁ This helps in keeping oneself motivated and it also makes achieving personal goals more enjoyable.
⦁ First to introduce “the best one-hour workout” concept in the fitness industry.

Advantages of ATHLECROSS Fitness and Wellness LLP
1. Personal Group Training
ATHLECROSS brings you the workout that looks after your personal fitness goals while you can enjoy training with your groupies. Unlike traditional gyms, you don’t have to spend extra for Personal Trainer and your complete session will be under the direct supervision of our qualified trainers.

2. Convenient for Everybody
Workouts at ATHLECROSS are designed to work for all fitness levels. Whether you are a businessman or an athlete, a beginner or a pro, you got our back! And the plus point is the workout routines will run for 60 minutes only, which is convenient for everybody.

3. Cross Training
ATHLECROSS aims at improvement of the overall fitness and performance level, which is achieved by an athletic cross-training program. Different equipment, Versatile workouts session, vibrant ambiance, and trainers help with maintaining a high level of overall fitness for everybody.

4. AthleCafe
At ATHLECROSS, we believe that your diet is as important as your exercise. And to back that up, we have our own health cafe – ATHLECAFE, to eat good and feel good. On the nutritional part, we emphasize effective diet plans which are easy to adapt, with the main focus on rescheduling the current habits of members and guiding their way towards a healthy life.

5. Bia Body Fat Analysis
BIA is one simple method of determining your body composition and body fat percentage. It is the easiest way to keep track of your progress and it helps in making the changes necessary to achieve your desired body.

6. Short Duration
ATHLECROSS has designed one-of-its-kind efficient workouts that runs for just One hour! Our scientifically designed workouts run just for an hour but burns calories for 24-30 hours post workout.

7. Informational Sessions
ATHLECROSS collaborates with experts from the field of health, fitness, sports, etc., to guide, motivate and answer the curious questions of our members, on the ATHLETALKS Sundays. With ATHLETALKS, efforts are made to add value to our members’ fitness journey.

As mentioned above, ATHLECROSS is totally different when talked about its work-out session to drive people towards fitness. Just by focusing on three main things that is Indoor Rowing, Indoor Cycling, and TRX Suspension Training.

Rowing is a perfect total body and low-impact workout, which is best for all fitness levels and age groups. A rowing machine is essentially a piece of exercise equipment that will make you feel like the motion of rowing a boat in the water, which gets your heart pumping and lungs working, providing an intense aerobic workout. Rowers work on several major muscle groups at ones that help in developing both upper as well as a lower body, great for weight loss, toning and building muscles, and increasing stamina, this machine is a fitness game changer.

⦁ Rowing uses almost 86% of ones’ muscles, covering all major muscle groups. It also enhances ones’ VO2 Max.
⦁ Rowers burn almost double the calories burned while running or similar activities at the same time.

Indoor cycling is an excellent way to burn calories and relieve stress. The workout employs a stationary bike with various tension levels, so whether you’re a roadie seeking performance gains or a beginner aiming to drop a few kilos, cycling can do wonders. ATHLECROSS’s premium theatre-style cycling studio is equipped with world-class ICG power bikes along with Forward-motion video used for Stimulation, Interaction and Telepresence (SIT) coaching method to improve a riders’ fitness outcome alongside the entertainment. From saddle to saddle you’ll see the needs of many – regardless of age, gender, lifestyle – met by a single experience. Now, work-out will be fun and losing weight will act as extra perks with ATHLECROSS.

⦁ Allows power based and heart rate-based training that burns 300-400 calories per class of 30 minutes.
⦁ Indoor cycling eliminates anxiety and lowers the heart rate when in a situation where physical exertion begins to take the breath away.
⦁ Measure you FTP timely to track your progress.

TRX suspension training is a best-in-class workout routine that uses your own body weight and gravity. It helps you build muscular strength, balance, flexibility, core, and joint stability, all while preventing injuries. ATHLECROSS has an official TRX zone which is mainly used for TRX Suspension Training, Core training, and functional training. The best part in suspension training is that you are in control of how much you want to challenge yourself on each exercise because you can simply adjust your body position to increase or decrease resistance.

⦁ Minimize your training time by working on your entire body, switching from one exercise to the next in just seconds.
⦁ Best for strength training
⦁ It builds strength and generates more power.
⦁ It is a fast and effective total body workout that helps in building a rock-solid core.



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