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Are you providing a safe environment to your visitors?


It’s been a year with Covid-19 but there is still a need to take safety measures and precautions everywhere you go. Even after vaccine invention, there has been a tremendous rise in cases daily. Keeping all this in mind it is felt that there is still a need to wear masks and adapt to contactless technology. Here is a to-do list where you can ensure that your visitor’s journey is safe on your premises.

1. No entry without Masks – Make sure that all the outsiders visiting your store have worn out the mask in a proper way. Without the mask, no entry should be allowed within the premises. Not only visitors but also employees, staff and your workmates should be made to follow the rule of wearing the mask compulsory. Every premise should work with the motive to minimize the interaction between employees and visitors or any two people.

2. Sanitizing hands and Checking up temperature – Checking up body temperature and making them sanitize their hands at regular intervals is the duty of every organization. This will keep your premises and employees safe and secure. The planning to sanitize the premises at regular intervals should be scheduled. It has to be ensured that the visitor body temperature should be below 100F and if found above that then make sure that you contact a nearby covid center and give particular visitors proper guidelines on visiting the Covid center test.

3. Touchless visitors Check-in – Whenever an individual enters into an organization there is a traditional method to be followed to have their entry done in the register with pen and paper. This method is not safe because everyone touches the same pen, it is time-consuming, waiting in a queue for long hours, also the visitor’s can give wrong details which can create a problem in the future. To overcome these listed limitations there is a software available known as which is having the features to eliminate the long waiting queue, contactless Check-In Check-Out, maintaining secured data. Visitors can scan QR codes with their own smartphones and can enter personal details independently without any assistance. There is an elimination of the need to come in contact with any of the premise’s material. Thus Touchless Check-In and Check-out are experienced.

4. Maintaining social distance – As visitors enter your premises. make sure that there are proper marks made up which tells us at what distance an individual should be standing. Also, make sure that at every department or cabin there should be a proper sanitizing facility available. Ensure that there are dustbins and appropriate disposable facilities for masks also. The gathering of more than 4 people within the premises should not be permitted and strict actions to be taken if rules are broken.

5. Exit from the premises – Visitors at different times exit the organization after completing their respective tasks. They should be compulsorily made to sanitize their hands and also make them write the feedback about the organization services experienced by them. This will help us ensure how they can improve their existing services. Also, every firm should make sure that there is no time-consuming waiting queue for any task, and if found then try to disperse it as soon as possible.

Taking all the precautions such as safe check-In and Check-out and ensuring that there is every time sanitization done at regular intervals scheduled should be the motive of every organization. Proper scheduling of routes for visitors and eliminating the gathering at the workplace so that your premises are safe and secured.


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