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9 DIY Women Fashion Hacks for Summer


Say Hello to Summer! Its time to set wardrobe with easy breezy yet stylish clothes. We are here to make your work easy by not going to the mall and purchasing new clothes. In fact, from the same clothes with some twist and turn you are going to beat the heat and look classy as well.

With this extraordinary DIY hacks you are going to become the trendsetter of 2019 amongst the people around you. So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to try them.

1. Oversized T-Shirt into Dress

Everyone has one or two oversized T-shirt that we can wear anytime, no matter how much weight we add on. So, our first DIY is with an oversized T-shirt as it is perfect for summer. You just need to wrap it around and tuck in the two sleeves. By doing this, it will give you an off-shoulder dress look.

2. Accessorize your flipflops

Accessorize your flipflopsFlipflops is what wore mostly in Summers. You just need beads, ribbons, and bells to make your flats look stylish. Simply wrap the ribbon first in the straps of your flips, while joining them both. Then stick the beads and bells on them with a strong glue.

3. Fabric Spray Paint

Fabric Spray PaintGrab your old shirt or dress which you feel like throwing away just because you don’t feel like wearing it again. Now, with this DIY you will definitely wear it again and again. Take a cotton t-shirt, bleach and fabric spray paint, and splash colors in the shape you like.

4. Headband with Accessories

If you simple headband and want to make look like expensive which you get in the market. Cut some flowers from fancy shirt or cloth then attach it with glue on one side of headband or put it on one side of the corner. Compare it with a market one. It will look exactly the same.

5. Braided bracelets

Braided braceletsAll you do is from the same above cloth make braids the same way you make with your hair. Then, pairing these stylish bracelets with long beach dress will give you a perfect summer look.

6. Dyed Canvas Shoes

From your simple white canvas shoes add colors of your choice. It will look funky and newly bought. You must try it and showcase your creativity. Isn’t it fun?

7. Crop top from an old t-shirt

Crop top from an old t-shirtIf your shirt is long then cut it according to your height to look like a crop top. On this border just add fancy fringes of its color or in contrast. Become your own fashion designer.

8. Design your own hot pants

It’s summer and if you are planning to throw away your pants. Then wait a minute and try this hack. Cut till the length you like and then add chains, laces, borders, and other accessories to make it look stylish.

9. Cap Toe Shoes

Cap Toe Shoes

Take your shoes and want to head for the party within one hour. Then, no need to worry when we have DIY hacks. Cover with plastic the half front cap part of the shoe then spray half of it with your favorite color. Your new shoes are ready.

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