7 Best Street Foods Of Surat To Visit With Your Group


Why street food is best in Surat?

Street food of every city is unique but Surat is on top of the list. Ever heard the Gujarati adage “Surat nu jaman ane Kashi nu maran”? It means (only the truly lucky) eat in Surat and die in Kashi. Surat famous food items are so mouth-watering that from its smell itself you could not resist yourself to try it once. Surat is undoubtedly a foodies’ paradise, from roadside bhel stalls to multi-cuisine restaurants, Surat has everything a foodie can desire and more.

When you are in Surat you don’t have to search for food, just walk out into the streets and the food will come to you. Suratis are so cool at nature that nobody could give you Surat food guide better than them. Surat food is not only tasty but also takes care of health. They believe in complete hygiene and take precautions by wearing gloves, Bouffant caps, apran to provide healthy food. Suratis love food and the local businessmen are more than happy to cater to this love. To actually see the transformation from a textile hub to a food paradise, ride into the streets after sunset. Below you can get the Surat famous food places to explore and satisfy your taste-bud.

If we say that Surtis live to eat then this statement would not be wrong.We Surti are so foody that we can visit anywhere just to devour our soul in these amazing street food. Surat has developed that taste, variety and quality, thereby setting a benchmark in serving delicious dishes across the city. If we talk about the food specialties then how can we forget about the famous and all time favourite street food of Surat which will definitely drag you to visit Surat and enjoy its delicacies.


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Gopal Khaman house has lot of varieties to satisfy your taste-bud and each item is simply mouth-watering.For the Locha lover, there’s no difference between winter, summer or monsoon. Isn’t it? Gopal khaman house comes to the mind at first blink.  It is claimed that Gopal introduced our Hot Favourite Locha. Right from then, it has shown the versatility. Flavors and innovations, they are the ones who have brought in food industry like anything.In their latest menu they have Cheese Tandoori Locha, Locha Hotdog and Cream Onion Locha. Even the simplest Locha tastes so yummy that we just couldn’t resist. Whether it is Sunday or weekday, bheed to boss ahiya j thai. So just try it once the best street food in Surat. Well well, let me take the opportunity to introduce you two very very innovative dishes of Locha, one is Diet Herbal Locha and the other is Chilli Garlic Coconut Locha.


One of the most popular, common and swiftly served item is Aloo Puri. It is a blend of small Puris made out of maida which is served with potatoes, gravy of peas, onion, other spices sprinkled with spicy and sweet chutney. It originated out of Rander from a vendor named Khalid, but with the passage of time this item has become the fastest growing snack. Served in exciting flavours Sadi Aloo Puri and Aloo Puri with Cheese, Schezwan, Mayonnaise, Chinese and a lot more. So all the Aloo Puri lovers this is a must discover place at Surat.


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An ideal day for a true Surti soul is hanging out at Dumas and devouring in lip-smacking, spicy and tangy bhajiyas. We know how much everybody loves bhajiyas and what if we introduce a place to you that will satiate your love for bhajiyas. We are talking about Sai Kings Kumbhaniya Bhajiya, one of the well-known hangout spot for this crispy street food. Tomatoes, Green Chilies, Potatoes filled with aromatic spices dipped in thick batter and deep fried served hot with tangy yet extra spicy chutney makes every foodie soul run for it. Their specialties include Kumhaniya Bhajiya, Potato Chips, Tameta Puri, Patti Marcha, Bherala Marcha and a lot more. Not just that if you plan to throw a party at your place and make your guest’s platter enjoy these spicy munchings, Sai Kings accept party order too.

Initially, they started their first outlet in Dabholi but their immense hard work and with quality of food they gained popularity due to this they started their second outlet at Dumas Road.


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It is very famous dish across India known with different names like puchka, golgappa, pakodi and many more. Goswami Panipuri is around 14 years old but the taste is not changed even a bit.It is surely one of the most hygienic place when specially it comes to eating Panipuri. At Goswami they have three type of Pani which are Pudina, Jaljeera and Garlic. Even-though if you have almost two plates of Goswami Panipuri we couldn’t say literally that yeah, I am done now. One most important thing one must give a try is its Masala Puri which you shouldn’t miss.


Pass from Piplod road and it is totally impossible to avoid the fine aroma of spices at Laaris. Well, this road belt is more or less famous for the finest parathas of the town. Well, in this article we have covered four paratha laaris but there are many more.These four includes Krishna Paratha, Krishna – I Paratha, Sai Paratha and Prem Paratha. Each of them serves the hot, fresh and exotic parathas with some curd, achaar and some spicy chilies. Some of them also serve PavBhaji, Pulao and some Punjabi delicacies too. The hot tawa and spluttering spices on it makes the finest aroma for the happy eaters. Here are the main varieties include Chinese Paratha, Veg. Special Paratha, Stuffed Parathas etc. Suryamukhi Paratha is something really new and one should must try.


surat food guideThe winters bring Ponk Vada to Surat that is as delicious as they sound. The crispy hot snack uses Jowar as its main ingredient and is a toothsome yet healthy dish you can have every winter evenings. The people of Surat relish those cold foggy evenings spent eating Ponk Vadas throughout their lives. While you are in Surat, visit one of the roadside vendors to enjoy the delicious snack with Sev and green Chutney. There is something different about eating on those roadside stalls whose taste can never be found in lavish hotels.


One must take a visit to the much known SCET Wali Gali, often called by all the students present over there. There are many joints available that includes juices, khavsa, samosa, coco, maggi and much more. In that gali, there are colleges like SCET, SDA, KP and SDA school.When you’re hungry and on the run, fast food can really hit the spot. It’s quick, tasty and convenient. This place has many food options available for you. Near KP commerce college there is hot famous Kachori, various juices near SDA and the most famous thing among all the people is the maggi. There you get many options in maggi, like schezwan maggi, mayo maggi, garlic maggi, cheese maggi, veg maggi, and many more options are available to enhance your taste buds. So if you haven’t visited the food joints there, you should go and have a look. Surat famous food items are uncountable and you would still crave for more.


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Mahesh Pav-Bhaji is one of the oldest spots, which is known to serve one of the best Pav Bhajis in Surat city. So, if you are disappointed because of the lost authenticity at some restaurant we have a perfect place for a pocket friendly and satisfying meal, Mahesh’s Pav-Bhaji is the place to be.The first bite of the Pav-Bhaji has an eruption of melting butter and spices, with papad and slices of onion, it just keeps getting better. You just want to keep eating and not stop. Being a master in Pav-Bhaji since 40 years, Mahesh has now tried his hands on Dosa’s and Pulao. Providing to you an array of Dosa’s , which shouldn’t be missed and a very tempting Pulao which will make you want to come back again and again. The ambience of the place is very local as it’s a small roadside restaurant, with just two tables and no cool waves of AC, but don’t get bogged down. You can always ride to the restaurant and ask them to keep a parcel ready, which you can then eat at your own convenience and preferred location. It also saves you a lots of time.But Pav-Bhaji is just one level up and a must try.

So if you been to Surat then, try Surat best street food items this are the must try street foods which will satisfy your taste-buds and will definitely crave for more.

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