New India Youth Conclave 2019

2019 New India Youth Conclave at Surat: Speech from our honorable PM Narendra Modi


PM Narendra Modi received a rousing welcome on his arrival yesterday 30th January 2019 at Indoor Stadium Surat. Seeing Narendra Modi right in front of us very energetic and enthusiastic PM was in itself a revelation. As he entered inside the stadium the youth of today and tomorrow was continuously shouting Modi…Modi…and this shows how he has revolutionized our country India in every perspective.

2019 New India Youth Conclave at SuratPM Modi begins his interaction by asking the audience ‘How’s the Josh‘ – a reference to the recently released film ‘Uri: The Surgical Strike’. Surat is the land of businesses and entrepreneurs. He said you must surely feel that you invested in 2014 and that you have got your returns. He thanked everyone for coming and to all those people who are watching from home. He also felt guilty for those who did not get a place to seat inside the stadium but each and everyone is valuable to him and he will meet at some corner of the world anytime, anywhere.

The country is changing. The reason for this is your vote. Your single vote has kept me running around for five years.

 At around 8:15, he was all set to interact with the young professionals and Youth for New India Youth Conclave. He says that our Constitution is very strong and vibrant. There have been debates on the issues of development. But unfortunately, for the opposition, it is difficult to debate on issues of development because we have developed every sector of the country from scratch. They(Opposition) only have one aim – Modi. The whole stadium burst into laughter

 He further added that sometimes people ask me Modiji you worked a lot in every sector. But you have increased the expectations of the people, that you might not be able to fulfill their dreams. He said it is better to create expectations rather than nothing. Now, you must realize the importance of your vote. Your one vote has been making run errands for five years now.

“Neither I believe in crying not making people cry. I believe in taking things forward”.

We fought the battle against black money. Did anyone think about it? 3 lakh companies were shut during demonetization and there was pin drop silence. Some people have the habit to cry on things.

“The fire that was inside the soldier, the same fire was within the heart of the PM. which resulted in Surgical Strike”

Earlier if you read the headlines of newspapers and now it has been four years headlines have changed. 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks: What happened next? We all paid tributes. Then Uri happened. What happened after Uri? Things changed. Innocent people were killed and the government was sleeping but Uri didn’t let us sleep.

I have fought against for two words: Mujhe kya – Maro. The result is ‘Sabka Sath Sabka Vikas. One more youth asked an interesting question and he firstly appreciated that you felt the change. This is true that was the first job that we did, as there was remote government 2004-2014 and at that time everyone realized nothing is going to happen and nothing is going to changed but we have changed the perspective.

“The country is changing and the main reason is the population has decided that we will change now”.

Congress-mukt Bharat means that in the past 15 years whatever wrong deeds Congress did in the country- politics, economic scams, we have made India free from them.

Nobody expected that four generations who ruled the nation, a tea-seller will be giving competition to them. Did anyone expect that their aides have also been taking the rounds of the court? Those who have snatched money of the country which is actually money of poor people, they will have to return it anyhow. We have made laws that will fight against such people wherever they will be.

“It is not one Modi, but it is 1.3 billion Modis who are changing the faith of the country today”.

He further adds that earlier it was believed that the government will do everything… we came and changed that thought. Now citizens believe that they can change the country. They are taking the country ahead.

During an open question-answer session, one of the youth asked: How you look at the future of India? He says the future of the nation flourishing and developed. Today, India is receiving praises from all four directions of the world right from USA, UK, CANADA, etc. Everybody is just talking about India. Claps were not stopping on each and every line of Modi.

 When we formed the government in 2014, India has 38% rural sanitation, now it has reached 98%. People have not sent me here to enjoy at the position of Prime Minister, I will do everything I can for the development of the country.

 India has reached a level and we should not lose this opportunity. When we formed the government then India was at number 10 in economic development, but now it has reached the 6th position.

 For us, the aim is the dreams of the 1.3 billion people and provide benefits to rural India and farmers. Earlier you had no source to verify news, but now you have all access to sources that will help you to verify the facts and accurate the news. Our first- time voter did not know what happened during Emergency.

 He ended the conclave with JAI HIND and it was a lifetime experience for all the youths present there or watching from any corner of the world. We thank him from the bottom of our heart and we look forward to such more conclaves and platforms where we can interact with our Inspiring PM.

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