10 Start-up Business ideas with the budget of 10,000 rupees


If I define Start-up in one word is all about presenting one’s idea. The first step is never about how you will make a small idea to be successful. An idea and how to execute it should speak louder than anything else. People today follow their dreams and choose their passion over money. All the successful Entrepreneurs have started their journey by planting a seed of idea then rest becomes history. They build, create and take the risk at the initial stage as it is going to convert from a small start-up into large-scale business, people will come to you and people will bring you market. It is a continuous chain which keeps on multiplying as you step ladders one by one.

“When you find an idea that you just can’t stop thinking about, that’s probably a good one to pursue.”  –Josh James, Omniture CEO and Co-Founder”

Companies that started small and today they are huge in their own respective industries. For example, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos initially had an idea to create an online bookstore. The business was first started out of his garage. In 1995, the first book on Amazon was sold. Two years later, Bezos issued his IPO. Needless to say, business exploded and Amazon grew to encompass more than just books. Now, Amazon not only has a diverse marketplace but also has diverse offerings as just one stop shop.

1. Travel Agency

startup business ideasThe advantages to this business are that you meet lots of interesting people who aspire to travel. You just need to communicate and make some strategic plans pertaining to target particular audience. You will also get an opportunity to achieve ARC, CLIA, or IATA number faster. Basic requirements for this start-up is a computer system, Internet access, a fax machine, and a phone.

 2. Mobile Recharge Shop

business ideas with low investments

Mobile recharge shop is most preferable rather than buying online. In the beginning, you can take any space on rent and tie-up with various network providers like Vodafone, Idea, Airtel, etc. Bottom line is your rent and commission rates will easily be given because the profit margin in this business is the highest.

3. Business Breakfast

small profitable business idea The food business is anytime worth investing money whether on the small or big platform. Then it depends upon you how you take it to next level. Even at small tea stalls with Bhajiya as breakfast has a lot of customers right from morning till evening. You just require to take permission from the respective authority so that will be only your cost. In fact, with your grocery, you can bear the cost for some kind of seating arrangement for customers.

4. Home Tution

low cost business idea with high profitIn this 21st century, it has created so much buzz that parents recommend more of personal coaching on one to one basis. They also believe that where they stay, in its nearby vicinity some tuition classes must be there. As it has zero cost of investment. For this Start-up, you just require to market out in nearby areas by using flyers, social media platforms, etc.

5. YouTube Channel

top 10 small business ideasIts an amazing platform for talented, homemakers, women, etc. The list doesn’t end as it is open for all. You just need to follow the rules of YouTube. Make creative, informative and unique concept videos. As your engaging with people increases, awareness increases and you earn likes.

6. Dance/Music School

small business idea listTwo things you require if you are planning to make Dance/Music School has a start-up business. First, is talent and second is the good rental place and you are good to go! Slowly has people start recommending your school you may hire assistant or manager to manage all the basic requirements of the school. In the future, you could also open a branch of the same in different areas of the city.

7. Tiffin Services

startup business ideasTiffin Service is not the only service to people but also service to god. Just need to keep the check on the quality of food and should satisfy taste buds of your customers. From the investment point of view, you only need to keep some service boy to help you deliver tiffin to various places. Apart from that grocery cost will come under what you charge per tiffin accordingly.

8. Card Makers

business ideas with low investmentsA world now doesn’t rely on gift shops big or small. They need something innovative, customized or what they see at social platforms or celebrities. Your investment would only depend on the usage of Internet, Software tools and creating your Website. Through Website, it will build your brand, services offered so that more and more people can contact you for orders.

9. Language Translator Classes

small profitable business idea It is a need of an hour. Many small-scale to Multinational, IT-based companies requires Translator for different languages. While dealing with foreign clients from Germany, Spanish, UK, etc. in a company you need the translator. It just requires rental place so that you can train translators. Furthermore, they can get placed in a good firm.

10. Blogging

low cost business idea with high profitThis is possibly one of the most profitable start-ups to tap into in the digital era. Professional blogging requires only a minimal start-up cost. You only have to invest in a domain name and hosting space –initially at least – which in its ‘unlimited’ capacity costs a maximum of roughly around Rs 5000. As for promoting your blogs through the right channels, the cost-free and limitless expanse of the internet is all you need.

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